The 24 works on exhibit in Fictional Landscapes are an invitation to
journey through installations, augmented reality, immersive or
interactive videos, that will all alter your perception of the real
world as you go along. Delve into miniature landscapes, explore the
hidden colours of clouds, walk through alarming forests, trigger off an
earthquake with your own voice… make up your own stories.

At a
time when our scientific and technological expertise of nature is
unrivalled, we continue to endanger the planet. This paradox, as well as
the subtle and ambiguous correlations that link man’s destiny to his
natural environment, is expressed through the present works in a
transcendent, poetic, dreamlike manner, never omitting the harming power
of humanity on our world.

acces(s)’ festival goes beyond being
an exhibition space, it proposes live performances, screenings, concerts
and workshops. The prevailing question for the artists and researchers,
in situ this year is: Can we continue to develop positive imagery in an
epoch in which human activities have become the dominant driver of
climate, biogeochemical cycles, ecosystems and biodiversity ?